Elfa Export


The founders of Elfatek Elektronik who have brought their experience in the industrial electronics sector to the Crane remote control sector in 2006, have produced the first crane remote controls with 80 channels and 120 hours of operating life in Turkey with the project support of TUBITAK.

Now; 3D printer, Tour Switch, Load Switch, Overload Indicator, External Display, Collision Sensor, Joystick Remote Control, PWM Control Unit, Programmable Electronic Control Unit, Angle Limit Sensor, Wireless Handwheel, CANBUS-USB Converter, voice and light warning system has enriched the product portfolio.

Elfatek Elektronik purchases raw materials from suppliers in Far East, European Countries and İstanbul.

We carry out our export operations within the Elfa Companies, we have products in more than 100 countries. In our foreign trade, except for a few companies we generally work in advance.

Crane companies and Electronic Automation companies make up the majority of our customers in Turkey, and we work with these companies for a maximum of 2 months deposit.


Elfamak Makine Teknolojileri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., leads the woodworking and modelling sectors with the production of CNC milling machines, CNC drilling machines, door production machines, cold presses and crimping machines.

The majority of raw material purchases are made from Europe and Far East.

The customer portfolio in Turkey consists of furniture manufacturing companies, door manufacturing companies and molders. With these companies, we work in advance according to their orders.


Our domestic 3D printer brand Coraxis was previously produced by Elfatek Elektronik, but it was included in the company of Koreksen 3D Printing and Robotic Systems in 2021. Coraxis, which has a wide range of 3D printer products in different sizes and for different purposes, develops these products day by day with R&D and P&D studies.

In addition to the printer, Koreksen also produces molds and plastic materials that Elfatek Elektronik needs with its experience in plastic injection and molding from the past.

Its customer portfolio includes industrial companies using industrial printers and last users using household printers. With these customers, we work in advance.